BIA rescues a yacht in distress!


BIA rescues a yacht in distress!

February 17, 2014 Uncategorized

Mr and Mrs Katzke are the owners of a yacht called Hakuna Matata, a 16.4-m vessel powered by an 8.9-litre Cummins QSL9 engine. A few days ago, they decided to set sail from the Canaries, heading for Brazil via Cape Verde.

On the way to Cape Verde, an oil pressure alarm went off in the middle of the night, forcing the crew to head back towards the nearest coastline and make a forced stopover in Hann Bay, near Dakar.

The crew had very little time, and had to find a solution to the engine problem as quickly as possible.  After unsuccessfully seeking help from several local mechanics, they ended up at the BIA Dakar site, thanks to a stroke of luck and a Dakar taxi driver.

Mr and Mrs Katzke knew nothing about BIA before this incident, but as it turned out, they would not regret their choice,  « From here onwards it was like a dream come true. Bia Dakar was here which turned out to be one of the best Cummins agents in Africa with many qualified QSL 9 technicians and one of only three places in Africa to have a cummins dyno test bed.” said Mr Katzke in his thank-you letter.

Thanks to the expertise of its qualified technicians, BIA Dakar succeeded in solving the problem by replacing the oil pressure sensor and repairing the damage to the engine caused by self-tapping screws—probably a result of vandalism.

The BIA Dakar technicians also checked and repaired the back-up engine, a 75-HP Yanmar, which had also been sabotaged.

“BIA Dakar, you have made your company very proud by your dedication to Cummins and the awesome staff that you employ. I salute all of you ! From a very grateful and thankful couple.”

Thanks to the efficiency of BIA Dakar’s technicians, the pair were soon able to weigh anchor again and set a course for Brazil.

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