Commissioning of 4 bulldozers D275A-5R for SFTP in Mali


Commissioning of 4 bulldozers D275A-5R for SFTP in Mali

August 4, 2016 Uncategorized

BIA has commissioned four bulldozers Komatsu D275A-5R, for the Malian company Société des Forages et des Travaux Publics (SFTP). These construction pieces of equipment will join the Bomag and Sandvik equipment that BIA supplied before to this customer.

The commissioning of those four bulldozers was carried out this week by a BIA technician. Thanks to the support contract signed by the client, the BIA technician works fulltime on SFTP’s working site. Our technician has had the opportunity to train SFTP teams to use those bulldozers and to explain all the features of this 50 tonnes equipment (click here).

Let’s note for example:

  • An easy access to maintenance points (monitor with self-diagnostic function, centralized service station, enclosed hydraulic piping, etc.) ;
  • Reduced maintenance costs ;
  • A comfortable working environment for the operator (excellent visibility from the cab, absorption of shock and vibration thanks to the new cab damper, new suspension seat, air filters and a higher internal air pressure combine to prevent dust from entering the cab, etc.).

Daniel Boateng, Director of Operations at SFTP explains:  “These machines come to strengthen our important fleet of mining equipment, working in Kédougou (Senegal) and Kenieba (Mali).” He then continues: “We have been impressed by the record time commissioning of those pieces of equipment. Well Done BIA!!!!”.

The commissioning of the four D275A-5R has been a good opportunity for our teams to immortalize the moment with a few pictures.