Do you know the main advantages of Sandvik DX 700 Drills?


Do you know the main advantages of Sandvik DX 700 Drills?

July 1, 2016 Uncategorized

The DX 700 (part of the DX product family) was introduced in 1996 and has excellent customer references. It is a well proven drill rig with more than 3.000 delivered rigs.

DX rig with its rotating superstructure and superior drilling coverage really does not have competition in demanding ground conditions.


Rotating superstructure and superior drilling coverage

  • Excellent stability and much bigger drilling coverage.
  • Better profitability due to excellent versatility in different applications.
  • Excellent balance due to superstructure and crosswise mounted engine at the rear.
  • Excellent visibility to drilling spot. The operator has always the drilling spot straight in front of him.
  • More holes / setup and during the shift.
  • Better productivity due to bigger drilling coverage, articulated boom and superstructure.
  • Better profitability due to lower fuel consumption and better faster penetration rate.


Wide range of drilling tool diameters and high compressor output

  • Wide hole size range. => T51 rods and higher air flushing volume ensure nice drilling and straight holes even for 115mm and 127mm hole size (DX800).
  • As a standard delivery, possibility to use 18 feet starter rod.


State-of-the art work environment

  • Best drilling result with every operator. More ergonomic and high quality cabin design than of any competitor’s.
  • Standard machines includes more features and possibility customize the rig based on own requirements.
  • Machine has been designed to fulfill all European safety standards, standard delivery contains i.e. FOPS/ROPS cabin, Safety wire, 3 x emergency switches and fire extinguisher.
  • DX rigs have heavy duty FL 6 undercarriage.




Efficient and economic drilling due to advanced drilling control system and robust rock drill

  • More productivity due to high impact rate, percussion power and torque. i.e.
  • HL710 & HL800T rock drill have very high productivity and high frequency rock drill, clearly best in the market. Together with THC700 Rock Pilot drilling control system the drilling performance and hole quality are best in the market. Control system keeps the bit all the time in rock contact and ensures the best lifetime for drilling tools.


Reliability and easy service by design

  • Easy access to all service points due to logical grouping and location of components.
  • High quality engine and other main components with excellent coverage for service support.




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