A golden subcontracting opportunity


A golden subcontracting opportunity

February 6, 2017 Uncategorized

SFTP, a mining subcontractor, has just invested in ten new pieces of equipment including 8 Komatsu machines that will be used for earthworks and to extract gold from the Mako mine in Senegal.


Mr Seydina Diallo, CEO of this family-operated company, started out in business by transporting fuel in Mali using a fleet of tanker trucks that travelled around the country for thirty years. Today, the Diallo family, originally from Kayes, runs nine companies (in Mali, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Senegal).


The “Société de Forages et Travaux Publics S.A.” (SFTP MINING) was created in the 2000s within the holding D&Sons. Its aim: to provide quality service to mining operators. SFTP MINING specialises in the construction of mines, mining operations, drilling as well as civil engineering.

SFTP MINING has remained a Malian family-operated company. Mr Seydina Diallo manages the business. He is assisted by his son, Abdoulaye, the General Manager. This thirty-something engineer travels all over Africa in search of customers in the mining sector. The family team wins many contracts with major international mining operators (Rangold, Endeavour, Anglogold, Newcrest, etc).

SFTP MINING is currently enjoying strong growth. The company now has a 1000-strong workforce and operates in several African territories.


SFTP MINING works as a subcontractor for several mining companies. In 2015, SFTP MINING started working with BIA, by acquiring two Sandvik DP1500 drills. They are currently working on the Kofi mine in Mali. In early 2016, SFTP MINING purchased four Komatsu D275A-5R dozers from BIA for the Mako site in Senegal. Less than two months later, SFTP MINING ordered two more GD755-5 graders. The fleet on the Mako site consists of Komatsu machines as well as Bomag compactors (BW212, BW218, and BW219).


SFTP MINING pays careful attention to the maintenance of its equipment. This maintenance means that they avoid machine downtime and the resulting costs. A BIA technician therefore works on the site every day.


There are two GD755-5 graders in the Senegalese fleet of SFTP MINING SN. These are the first GD755-5s that BIA has sold in Africa. Abdoulaye Diallo had the opportunity to see and test this new machine during one of his visits to the Komatsu factory in Japan. He was convinced by its technical performance characteristics.


To train SFTP MINING’s operators, Komatsu has sent one of its instructors to the site from Japan. He is accompanied by a BIA instructor. These training sessions allow optimum use of the equipment.

In this difficult economic climate, SFTP MINING is growing quickly and robustly in several African territories, thanks to the expertise of the Diallo family. Hats off to the Diallo family and their employees!