“ I feel as if I have been part of BIA for a long time. ”

Monica Lwatula, Technician Assistant on a Zambian mining site since October 2015, is one of the only two female BIA employees (while there are more than 50 BIA male employees) on that mining site.

Monica is Zambian and a trained Power Electrical Technician as well as an Automotive
Electrical – Craft Technician.

As she states: “I start my day at 7 am. My work starts by learning about safety information, first with the mining customer and other companies on the site, lastly with BIA members only. After that, tasks are allocated by the Site Manager or the supervisor”. Her tasks vary from Preventive Maintenance services, to troubleshooting jobs, to general electrical repairs on machines as well as to customer assistance. At lunch, you may see her eating outside with colleagues. She will not say no to a dish of Nshima with a big fried fresh fish!

Outside of work, she enjoys listening to music, jogging or watching movie.

Being a gender minority on site is not a first time for Monica since it was the same with her previous employers. She does not mind. Monica does not feel that she is treated differently as she works as well as them. Nonetheless, her male colleagues are very supportive and treat her with a lot of respect. She enjoys learning from them. Monica also feels as if she sometimes is a little like a mother or a sister to them. “I feel as if I have been part of BIA for a long time.”

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