Delivery of 3 Komatsu to sugar company Kwilu-Ngongo (DRC)


Delivery of 3 Komatsu to sugar company Kwilu-Ngongo (DRC)

August 9, 2016 Uncategorized

BIA has recently provided three Komatsu pieces of construction equipment to sugar company Kwilu-Ngongo (DRC). This company, which is part of international sugar group Finasucre, comprises (sugar cane) plantations, a sugar mill, the famous rum distillery Kwilu and a brickyard (new activity).

The Komatsu PC200 excavator and the Komatsu WA200 wheel loader have been added to the Komatsu WA380 used wheel loader which was delivered by BIA a few weeks before.


What will the three pieces of construction equipment be used for? Since the activity of the sugar company generates a large quantity of bagasse (fibrous residue from sugar canes), Kwilu-Ngongo has decided to use this residue as fuel. This led them to the project of creating a brickyard. The three machines supplied by BIA will be used by the customer for this new activity.


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