A heavyweight at BAUMA: a 677 tons Komatsu shovel


A heavyweight at BAUMA: a 677 tons Komatsu shovel

February 29, 2016 Uncategorized

At the Bauma fair in Munich, the Japanese manufacturer will unveil a 677 tons mining shovel : the biggest one ever showcased by Komatsu during a fair. This “monster” embodies the most recent technology in mining operations.

Its development has been realized in close cooperation with partners of Komatsu all over the world. While the mining industry is getting increasingly complex, the manufacturer has asked its customers to define their own needs for this new generation of shovels. Their answers: safety, productivity, manoeuvrability and performance. All those characteristics have been taken into account by Komatsu’s engineers. Once all the customers requisitions were clearly defined, the PC7000‘s technological development could start.

It goes without saying that Komatsu designed this giant 677 tons shovel with the ambition to engineer the safest and most efficient shovel in its category.

Here are a few numbers to illustrate this giant!

Engine: two diesel of 1250kW/1700 ch.

Shovel capacity: 36m³.

Backhoe capacity: 34m³.

This equipment, fitted with an electric drive, is designed to adjust perfectly to Komatsu 830E and 860E‘s dumper, with a weight of 218 tons and 263 tons.

Let’s also note a new simple open circuit hydraulic system allowing the shovel to move faster and to penetrate the material more easily.

In order to reduce the maintenance length, the accesses to most major service points have been repositioned. On the safety side, Komatsu has developped a new concept by adding an illuminated 45° primary access and egress stairway and in case of emergency an emergency swing ladder egress to exit the equipment in a safe manner.

The Komatsu PC7000 meets the mining industry requirements in terms of high productivity and offers the lowest cost per tons of its category.


For more information:

Click here for the product leaflet of the PC 7000.