Necotrans and BIA, a lasting partnership


Necotrans and BIA, a lasting partnership

October 3, 2014 Uncategorized

Already won over by the quality and reliability of Cummins generators, Necotrans, a French company specialising in logistics and transport, has once again placed its trust in BIA!

For its port operations, Necotrans was looking for robust, reliable equipment capable of loading and offloading the various goods that pass through the port of Douala in Cameroon. To satisfy its logistical requirements, Necotrans has just acquired a TFC 45h stacker and an RT100 all-terrain crane made by TEREX. The stacker will be used to handle containers at the Douala terminal, whilst the crane will be a multi-purpose item used in a variety of handling operations. Necotrans was convinced by TEREX Cranes and Port Solutions machines because they have several attractive features:



–          Very versatile

–          Easy to use

–          Long operating life

–          Able to work on challenging terrain thanks to the powershift transmission system



–          Optimum capacity: Piles 45t containers up to 5 storeys

–          The machine has a simple design, easy to use and maintain

–          Maximum security

–          Optimum comfort


Both machines will be delivered before the end of 2014, and BIA will handle their commissioning. There will also be operator and technician training, a maintenance agreement, and the supply of replacement parts.

The partnership between Necotrans and BIA does not end with the Douala port project! BIA has also approached Necotrans about other projects. This bodes well for BIA, because it could herald the start of a long and happy business partnership.