BIA extends its activities to Niger!


BIA extends its activities to Niger!

March 24, 2014 Uncategorized

BIA has just sold its first 200-tonne crane in Niger!

The Zinder refinery company (SORAZ) is a joint venture between the government of Niger and the China National Petroleum Company (CNPC), operating in the field of energy. This company has just bought a Terex AC200-1 crane. This is a first for BIA! Never before has it sold a crane of that capacity for a refinery.ac200-terex-2

BIA does not stop at just selling a machine. The deal also includes guarantees and services that ESN (subsidiary of the BIA Group in Niger) will perform for the Zinder refinery company. In addition to delivery, BIA and ESN will commission the crane for their customer. It will be set up by a team of BIA technicians who will handle its maintenance and the supply of parts. Finally, BIA will organise training sessions directly on the refinery site.

The Zinder refinery company was won over by the many advantages of this Terex crane. The crane, which will be used for refinery maintenance, has:

  • A 200-tonne lifting capacity
  • Quality equipment and accessories, making it extremely versatile (fly jibs, hooks, block and tackle, winches, etc.), to handle any task in this category that might be required.
  • Fast and mobile on the road or the work site thanks to its Terex all-terrain characteristics.
  • It is the most compact and agile five-axle crane in the over-120-tonne capacity category.

The Terex crane is currently located in the port of Cotonou. It will soon be on its way to the Zinder refinery!