Growth of STDM’s business in Togo


Growth of STDM’s business in Togo

February 6, 2017 Uncategorized

STDM is taking position as a major player in the aggregates market in Togo, thanks to its new Sandvik fixed crushing and sifting station.


Mr Aliou Adamon was already involved in the construction market with his company Minex in Benin, operating in dredging and selling sand in Cotonou. Because of the strong demand for aggregates in Togo, a neighbouring country of Benin, Mr Adamon wanted to extend his area of activity and to establish himself lastingly in the quarry business.

To do this, STDM had to have a versatile station that could produce the different aggregates required on the market:

  • Concrete aggregates: 0/5; 5/10; 10/15; 15/25 mm;
  • Road aggregates: 0/4; 4/6; 6/10; 10/14 mm;
  • Underlying layer: 0-31.5 mm;
  • Ballast: 22/55 mm.

STDM asked for advice from companies that work in the field. That is how STDM decided to call upon BIA.

To respond to customer needs, Sandvik and BIA offered STDM a fixed station including three crushing stages and two sifting stages to produce from 120 to 150 tonnes per hour of aggregates intended for the construction and publicworks markets. Mr Aliou Adamon is thoroughly satisfied because the station has satisfied all the needs his customers have expressed. STDM is currently supplying equipment to the main public works players in Togo, such as Arab Contractor and Eiffage, which operate both in the construction of buildings and on roadworks.

STDM hopes to take position for future major roadworks and the construction of the new industrial landfill centre in Lomé.


To be able to produce the different particle sizes, this crushing and sifting station is equipped with the following Sandvik machines:

  • 1 two-stage ST1063 combined feeder/scalping screen to eliminate the tailings;
  • One CJ409 cone crusher with an 890 x 660 mm opening;
  • One CH430 cone crusher equipped with an EC (Extra Coarse) chamber;
  • One CH430 cone crusher equipped with an MF (Medium Fine) chamber;
  • Two four-stage SK1854 sieves measuring 1800 x 4800 mm.

Structures such as metal frames, buffer hoppers, feed hopper and the fifteen conveyor belts were also supplied by Sandvik. That is how Sandvik and BIA fulfilled the customer’s requirement for a turnkey station.


The commissioning of this installation is the culmination of a two-year-long project. The project is the product of a close collaboration between STDM, BIA, and Sandvik. The three teams worked together on site for several months to assemble and commission the installation.

Three Sandvik specialists (mechanical fitter, electrician, and technician) worked on the site one after the other during the installation and commissioning operations.

During the various operations, these specialists were able to rely on support from the local subsidiary of BIA, Equipment and Service Togo, via the provision of a technician throughout the installation and commissioning period.

The STDM operators also participated in the various operations, which trained them during the weeks prior to start-up of the station. In Togo, most crushing stations are second-hand. The STDM employees are proud and happy to be working on this new station. There are large-scale roadworks projects planned in the region, which bode well for the future of this fished crushing station!


Following the commissioning of the station, BIA and Sandvik returned to the site to help the customer optimize production. The customer was given advice to organise the cutting front, optimise truck loading, and feed the installation better. According to the customer, their involvement helped to improve the profitability and productivity of the quarry and to overcome certain obstacles.

Moreover, according to the operators on the site, the user-friendliness of the station and the advice given by BIA and Sandvik helped them to work safely and efficiently!