A fleet to suit your needs: “Fact-based decision making”


A fleet to suit your needs: “Fact-based decision making”

February 6, 2017 Uncategorized

Is your fleet too big? You could make savings by adapting it. Is your fleet too small? You are probably overloading (and therefore damaging) your equipment. An Application Engineer might be able to help you obtain the right fleet for your actual needs!

Who are the application engineers?

Komatsu has a worldwide network of Application Engineers (AP). Komatsu appoints one AP per distributor. We therefore have an AP for Africa and another for Benelux.

The APs are trained by Komatsu. In addition, the APs are in constant contact via online communication. This is a community of mutual help and sharing case studies.

What is an application engineer for?

Komatsu’s Application Engineers specialise in analysing a customer’s overall needs.

  1. The AP talks to the customer to find out about current needs as well as longer-term needs.
  2. If the site is already operational, the AP measures and observes it.
  3. The data collected are entered into a Komatsu software tool (Optimal Fleet Recommendation). This tool helps the engineer optimise the fleet. The engineer can also base the analysis on a worldwide database to take advantage of the expertise of APs all over the world. The AP may also choose to consult a Komatsu specialist.
  4. The AP issues a report summarising the history of the analysis (i.e. the conversation with the customer, observations concerning the site, and the proposed optimisation). Several simulations can be carried out.
  5. The customer and the AP hold a discussion to determine the fleet that will best satisfy the customer.

Adaptation of equipment

In addition to analysing the fleet, the APs can also study the Komatsu machines according to customer needs. These analyses always relate to the customer site. Here are a few examples: one of BIA’s customers had a WA800 whose bucket could move 10 ½ m3. Thanks to Komatsu’s experts, a new bucket design was defined. The bucket supplied to the customer can move 12 m3! The dump boxes for another customer’s fleet of HD785 machines were custom-made!