New data management systems helps you get a lower TCO

New data management systems helps you get a lower TCO

January 13, 2019 Uncategorized

BIA is deeply involved with everything to do with optimising the use of equipment delivered to customers. An important contribution to this goal is now being made by the use of advanced data management systems; their effective use offers equipment owners in the public works, mines, quarries and transport sectors greatly-increased operational efficiency and higher productivity.
These intelligent telematics systems, transmitted either by satellite or by GSM network, provide a great quantity of valuable information that can be used in real time to optimise fleet operations and maintenance.
On the following pages, we provide a brief overview of the latest BIA innovations in this area, as well as some solutions recommended by our partners.


Over the years and through daily contact with its customers, BIA has been able to develop real expertise in the optimisation of operating costs of machines that it distributes and services. Today, we make this expertise available to you by offering an advanced new package of online service tools to optimise the management of your machine park: BIA SmartFleet.

As a business manager, you have certainly already asked yourself these questions:

• How can I be sure that my operators obtain maximum productivity from their machine?
• How effective is my fleet?
• How is the use of my machines evolving over time?
• How can I limit the risk of machine breakdown?
• Who can help me interpret the data from my fleet?
• How can I use my fleet data in a simple and comprehensive way?

Nothing could be simpler than monitoring and managing the performance of your fleet with SmartFleet! BIA SmartFleet is a solution developed by BIA based on needs expressed by our customers. It enables you to have a clear view of the performance of your machines.

The most useful indicators from your fleet are presented in a simple manner: mon-itoring of location, consumption, usage, idling time, load, incorrect or poor usage of machine, etc. This information enables you to rapidly activate the most suitable response for your operators, technical teams and fleet managers to improve your productivity and reduce costs. But how can BIA SmartFleet help you, concretely? In this article, we explain the different formulas available.

Receive your monthly pdf reports and keep control of your fleet by connecting to manufacturers’ web and mobile platforms.

A. BIA connected machines
Numerous manufacturers provide connected machines. If you have purchased one of these machines from BIA, thanks to BIA SmartFleet you can receive two BIA SmartFleet reports per month, free of charge. These reports include the most interesting data from your machines and present them in a clear layout. If the machine you have bought is a Komatsu, you also automatically receive a subscription to the Komtrax tool. You can then connect free of charge to this system at any ti me.

B. Non-connected BIA machines or non-BIA machines (with retrofit system)

What if your machine is not connected or you have not pur-chased through BIA? Don’t worry! You can also obtain pdf re-ports harmonised across your diff erent machines by means of an att ached external device. Thanks to this standardisati on of our reports, you have an easy-to-read summary of the per-formance of your jobsite equipment (each machine has the same KPI’s, whatever its make).

With this all-in-one solution, you no longer have to search for information on different manufacturers’ sites…Everything is consolidated on our BIA SmartFleet platform. This will enable you to make various types of analysis, depending on your specific needs.

The dynamic version of the tool gives you a dashboard group-ing various dynamic and automated reports, with a daily up-date. You can access predefi ned tables or create your own tailor-made reports. They are available in Excel, pdf or as an image.

Quarries and mines
Thanks to BIA SmartFleet, for quarry and mine equipment you can review production performance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Information such as payload distribution, cycle times and average weekly production can easily be accessed. Our solution enables you, with just a few clicks, to compare the average fuel performance (litres/ton) for a specific machine.

In addition to several options, BIA SmartFleet offers you à la carte services that enable you to use your machines in the most efficient manner possible.

Would you like real-time notifications?
«Smart Control room»
Our objective of including the Data Fleet control room as part of our BIA SmartFleet solution, is to offer you remote control room services at a competitive price, made possible by consolidating resources dedicated to all our customers. Are you worried that you don’t have the necessary time or resources to manage your Data Centre services such as alerts, notifications, geo-fencing or remote engine locking? No problem! Our team will manage this service for you!

Would you like to have more data, and training?
Your BIA SmartFleet analysis will give you specific reports, as well as recommendations linked to them. Our team can give you a standard key performance indicator and performance objective based on the market average. We can also help you during your training for the BIA SmartFleet application, which will enable you to create and/or extract your own report.

Would you like to get support in the interpretation of your fleet data?
We can advise you, in your offices, on the savings you can make. Through a visit from one of our BIA SmartFleet specialists, or a BIA SmartFleet training campaign, our experts will help you to identify the potential savings you can make. And let’s share the savings! You pay only 10% of the potential savings identified during our visit, with a maximum of 600 euros.

Would you like our experts to work with you throughout the year?
Then why not introduce a BIA SmartFleet training campaign? We will work with your team and make sure they understand how to improve the daily use of your machines and save money. Through data analysis, we will then monitor their progress together.


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