Health, Safety and the Environment

Health, security and environment (HSE) at the heart of BIA’s concerns

In order to provide a healthy and safe working environment, BIA has defined a strong HSE policy, which is daily experienced by its co-workers and subcontractors. This is the case in every country where the company operates.

BIA’s HSE policy

BIA integrates prevention and management of risks within all its activities, whether in its offices, at its customers or on the mining sites.
• A shared HSE culture, focused on prevention ;
• A sustainable management of the risks and impacts ;
• Transparent communication on the HSE results and statistics to all the co-workers ;
• Support of the partners in their HSE efforts.

BIA’s HSE certifications

BIA respects the local regulations, legal texts, codes and applicable HSE standards. BIA is certified VCA in Benelux and OHSAS 18001 on one of its mining sites in Africa.

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