Parts Supply

BIA Parts Supply provides you with very best services and guarantees you the fastest parts delivery.

Parts supply agreement, PSA, offers service for customer’s parts. In partnership with the customer, BIA handles stock management, parts and components planning (with preventive component change-out), mid-life and overhaul program, maintenance service, core management for major components, stock replenishment, overhaul program, and express supply in case of machine breakdown. BIA always aims to offer its customers the best price.

In addition to regional parts stocks and shared warehouses, BIA has its own central stock of spare parts for maintenance and repairs. In addition, the use of RAMOS software, specially developed by BIA, helps with detailed repair planning and automatic Parts orders.

BIA deploys efficient logistics to manage the on-site supply of spare parts.
BIA offers its customers special parts management. This means that BIA customers can count on skilled administrative support available 7 days a week (directly on site). BIA customers can also benefit from on-line order management (located in Wavre, Belgium). In addition, BIA has developed K-Planet and RAMOS, two specific software packages to forecast spare part requirements.

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