Project Management

Because each customer is unique and each project is specific, BIA provides its customers with a tailored service to better meet their demands.
No matter what the type of project is, BIA’s experienced engineers are there to guide customers from the initial stages of the project to its conclusion.

From the first phase of the project, customers will benefit from the support of BIA engineers for everything regarding:

* The recommended type of machines (size, weight, power, special options)
* The number of machines needed for the required production
* Estimate of the overall cost of engines throughout their life cycle (life cycle cost)
* The necessary infrastructure (workshop, warehouse, etc.)
* The auxiliary machines and tooling needed for maintenance

Then comes the question of the service to be provided to customers. With service agreements extending as far as Full Repair and Maintenance Program contracts, BIA provides its customers with continuous support. Thanks to these service contracts, customers have the guarantee that their machines are maintained and repaired perfectly according to OEM standards.

So, throughout the project development phase, BIA supports its customers by setting up a series of services. Among the services provided by BIA are:

*Recommendations on stock of parts to be built up
*Training programs
*Reconditioning of components
*Support for all the administrative and legislative questions associated with the specifics of the country concerned (taxes, local laws) etc.
At each stage of the project, BIA will therefore provide a suitable plan to each of its customers, depending on their own requirements. By planning, organising and controlling the specific resources, BIA’s customers can confident that their project will be successfully and efficiently completed. This allows them the concentrate on their core business.

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