Quality Policy



At BIA, quality is what drives our ambition: “to be the preferred solution provider to shape a sustainable earth”.


To achieve this objective, we commit to work closely with our partners, to manage our organisations with a long term vision, and to satisfy applicable legal requirements based on our principle RDCSU.



Being responsive to our customer by placing their requirements at the heart of our priorities and by ensuring a proactive and transparent communication will allow us to set up solid structures able to better satisfy them.



Though our professionalism, passion, team work and respect of commitments, we actively engage ourselves with customers and partners in order to develop a long-term trustworthy relationship.

Continuous Improvement

Needs anticipation, solutions innovation, SMART objectives, and measurement tools are the indispensable pillars for continuous improvement.



The measured and qualified implementation of our quality policy contributes to the sustainability of the enterprise.


Unique and distinctive service

BIA is able, together with its partners, to implement optimal solutions; those solutions will provide a unique and distinctive service by enabling our customers to meet their objectives.


The commitment of each employee to our Quality Policy will consolidate the long term vision of the enterprise.

This policy will be reviewed as often as necessary by the Management.







Vincent Bia



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