Technical Support in Africa

The technical support that BIA brings to its customers is not limited to simple maintenance operations. In fact, this support comprises:

* Follow up and improvement of communication flows with customers and BIA suppliers (OEM)
* Guarantee Management
* Following up and management of process and internal procedure improvements
* Training in “best practices”
* Site audits in view of the continuous improvement program in which BIA is involved
* Technical Support

For all the territories in which BIA works, BIA is responsible for its equipment and the technical support provided to its customers. This is why BIA regularly visits its customers and the sites on which they work in order to check the practices in force. The visit then gives rise to a report, and matters arising from these will be directly communicated to manufacturers (with a view to future improvement).

Depending on the needs of the customer, of the project concerned and the type of contract entered into with the customer, BIA is proud to be able to recruit, train and coordinate all the operational functions needed for the maintenance and repair of machines on site. So BIA provides its customers with a specialised team of qualified engineers and technicians who benefit from a continuous training program. The customer also benefits from teams expert in the maintenance and repair of machines directly on site.
Thanks to BIA’s experienced technical support, the customer is sure to obtain optimum efficiency from its machines.

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