SOMIVA has been won over by BIA’s know-how!

SOMIVA has been won over by BIA’s know-how!

August 18, 2014 Uncategorized

SOMIVA (Société Minière de Vallée du fleuve) was looking for a partner capable of handling the complexity of its phosphate mine project in Senegal. For SOMIVA, it was essential to find a company able to supply high-quality mining machines and custom service contracts, and also able to satisfy its financing and training needs. So BIA’s ability to apply a multidisciplinary approach is exactly what attracted SOMIVA!

For the project’s first development phase, BIA supplied a fleet of about fifteen Komatsu machines used for extraction and the operation of the mine:

–          1x PC2000 by KOMATSU                      –  1x WA8003E0 by KOMATSU

–          5x HD785 by KOMATSU                        –  2x WA500 by KOMATSU

–          1x GD825 by KOMATSU                         –  1x D275 by KOMATSU

–          Several auxiliary devices

In addition to these Komatsu machines, two Rough Terrain cranes by Terex Cranes were supplied (1x RC30 (30t) and 1x A600 (60t)). This means that all of SOMIVA’s needs were satisfied.

These cranes are used both in the complex phase during which the mining equipment is assembled and in the many maintenance and handling operations carried out for the operation of the machines on the site.

After winning this contract, BIA hopes that this project is just the beginning of a long-lasting partnership with SOMIVA!

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