Energy autonomy with 2G ENERGY and BIA

Energy autonomy with 2G ENERGY and BIA

March 5, 2019 Uncategorized

BIA aims to continue providing industrial operators with innovative and profitable energy solutions for maximum productivity, while guaranteeing high-quality service. This is why we ask you to consider cogeneration as a new high-performance, autonomous, industrial energy solution.

Do you need a stable network for your industry? Would you like to be independent in your production of electricity, steam or hot water, while reducing your company’s energy costs over the long term? The new BIA partner, 2G Energy, has more than 20 years of experience in the field of biogas and natural gas cogeneration – and is one of the worldwide leaders in creating turnkey cogeneration solutions. This production system was created to produce traditional electricity – like a diesel generator – and to use the heat produced by the system and the engine to produce hot water, steam, hot air or cold water. The first fruits of this partnership were born by the installation in 2018 of the very first cogeneration unit in Cameroon, in sub-Saharan Africa, with a company renowned in the agro-food sector for more than 40 years. The solution created comprises a 1200 kW natural-gas generator and a 534 kW steam generator. The solution enables the customer to produce 100% of the electricity required by the factory, while producing 800 kg of steam per hour by recuperating the heat from the engine exhaust. This steam complements the steam made by the boiler, enabling the customer to reduce significantly the production cost of his steam.

Throughout the evolving pattern of energy supply, more and more companies are choosing to invest in a clean system and provide their own supply of electricity, heat, steam and cold. They are no longer at the mercy of changing energy costs, they reduce their operating costs, and they contribute significantly to cutting greenhouse gas emissions and helping to protect the climate. Contact us for professional guidance towards this new technology!


BIA offers its customers

Wide range of power from 20 to 4000 kW
• Significant reduction of energy costs
• Great experience in microand mini-cogeneration
• Engineering service for construction of turnkey projects
• Intelligent monitoring and remote control system
• Reactive after-sales service by qualified technicians


What are the principal advantages of cogeneration in industrial terms?

• High cost of electricity
• Instability of electricity network
• Regular and excessive cuts
• Unavailability of electric energy; need for continuous electricity 24/24 and 365/365
• Electricity quality not always compliant
• Loss of production due to unreliable electricity availability

• Customer produces its own energy
• Factory is completely autonomous. Customer controls its production 100% and increases profitability
• Cost of energy (electricity + steam) has been reduced
• Constant quality of electricity


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